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“…300,000 patients a year in England acquire a healthcare-associated infection…”

– NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)

Are your institution’s critical indicators hard to meet?  Are HCAIs a worry in your institution?  We have seen so many situations where small rips and splits in upholstery work are dragging down an institution’s infection performance – small damages; subtle but large harbours for germs to multiply.

Sometimes the critical lead measures are found in the detail. Keeping on top of repairs could be a life-saving investment. And for small repairs we are able to offer an impressive turnaround, because we know that in such a key environment, time is of all-importance.

But we don’t only offer repairs.  We could greatly enhance infection control performance by providing you with the latest innovations in medical mattresses, or simply by upholstering your waiting room furniture in a fabric of superior hygiene qualities.  Envisage a seamless, waterproof medical mattress with inbuilt pillow – no more routine pillowcase changes – or an upholstery fabric which is not only easy to sanitise, but has anti-microbial properties which enable it to kill or at least inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

In a medically fast-changing world, we understand that your focus is on cutting-edge technologies and hygiene solutions.  That is why we wish to offer you our medical upholstery experience – with knowledge of and accessibility to anti-microbial fabrics and innovative spring technologies with superior hygiene.