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When the inside is even better than the outside.

Wherever your journey will take you – a well-worn stretch of the Thames for a commercial trip, yachting in the Mediterranean, or to search out seals in the Outer Hebrides – we believe that the inside of your marine vehicle should match and beat the beauty of your surroundings in quality, comfort and style.  We are here to help you make the most of your journey.

Similar to our findings with hotels, comfort and style in commercial boats and water taxis is crucial to improving the customer experience and boosting repeat custom.  And on a personal level – you deserve to enjoy your vessel to the full.

Yet this is only one reason to keep your marine upholstery up-to-date – our long experience upholstering with a vast range of fabrics means we can help you to select a finish and interior with the durability and longevity that you need.  And if you find that by nature, water creeps its way inside the vessel – we can offer either or both a water-resistant finish, or a spring system with superior breathability, preventing moisture being retained within the foam interior of the seat.

Let’s go enjoy our journey!