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“Good design is good business.” 

– Thomas J. Watson Jr., then-IBM President (1973)

Working in a number of hospitality projects, our observations couldn’t be better expressed – the hotels and restaurants that pay particular attention to the comfort of their guests excel in their ratings.  Customer satisfaction is written into the DNA of our company – that’s both your satisfaction, and that of your customer.

Thus, we work to fulfil an interiors specification to perfection, whilst always giving you the best options to optimise timing and pricing challenges.  We focus on the look and appeal of our work with a futuristic slant – we know the toll that years of use can take.  That is why our wealth of industry knowledge will pay dividends in sourcing the right fabrics and upholstery components to stand the test of time.  Whether your chief concern is wear or wipeability, we can offer hard-wearing foam/ springs and fabrics with specific treatments or compositions to meet and exceed the need.

Whether you are refurbishing and reupholstering, or building new and looking for bespoke masterpieces, we believe that both your business and our business relies on good design – and therefore ensure good execution therewith.