Just as we did then, we still do today. We pay meticulous attention to detail. Perfection and quality are a firm principle.

With 90% of our workmanship hidden beneath the surface, we are as particular about what the customer doesn’t see as what they do.

Hence we only use the best ground materials to ensure durability and longevity.

And to top that, we offer a generous warranty on our work to give our customers total confidence. The warranty is unique to each piece based on its era and environment of use.


Put simply, our ethos is simple, honest, on-time quality service.

In reality this means working with you to achieve your vision of an upholstered masterpiece. We will design alongside you, use fabrics of your choice, and provide quotes and invoices that have no hidden clauses.

Our craftsmanship is to the same standard. With approximately 90% of the craftmanship in upholstery hidden beneath the surface, we guarantee you that the internal build up is really as good as it looks – ensuring durability and reliability.

Furthermore, to support our confidence in our quality work, we offer you a unique Warranty Support.  This is customised based on the era of the furniture and its environment of use.