Dining Chairs & Bedroom Seating

Hempstead House Hotel | Sittingbourne, Kent

Project: Dining Chairs & Bedroom Seating
Where: Sittingbourne, Kent
Who: Hempstead House Hotel

Nestled between picturesque villages and open farmland in the rolling Kent countryside, Hempstead House Hotel is an idyllic setting for its traditional interiors. The client was looking to revive and refresh their appeal through restoration of furniture; here we could admirably employ our many years of care and experience with antiques, to ensure a spectacular look – despite the years of wear written into some furniture, and the introduction of new furniture which we finished to tone consistently with the original, complementing furniture.

The project included both bedroom suites and the dining chairs for the hotel & spa restaurant.

From the client’s specifications on colour and material design, we researched various options that would blend with the furnishings and look beautiful, yet were of commercial quality so would wear well – reducing the relative cost of the renovation project.  The final choice was a beautiful patterned fabric that toned with existing curtains and wallpaper.  Furthermore, with the eye of skilled craftsmanship, we realised the pattern was a perfect scale for the chairs, enabling the key motif to be displayed both front and back of the chairs.  This was a stunning feature, bringing colour and interest to the restaurant: the chairs are as beautiful from the back as they are from the front.

In the bedrooms, we worked on armchairs, desk chairs and chaises, again sourcing fabrics with reliable durability, and of a complementary colour and design to the room decors.

The project was completed in phases; the restaurant was in use whilst the work was carried out, so we worked closely with the hotel departments to ensure the number of chairs taken to work at any one time enabled their service to continue; likewise, deliveries could be arranged for optimal times.  The bedrooms were also worked on room by room, in recognition of the cost to the hotel of occupancy down-time.